About Me

A friend wrote this about me some time ago. I’m going to use it because I’m too lazy to write one of these myself. Which speaks volumes about me; more than any about me page, when you think about it. Woah. Deep. 

An interesting example of the avidicus readerus species, the Sindhu mostly lives on a diet of coffee and words. She has recently been exposed to the Perks of Being a WallflowerCatcher in the Rye, and The Swan Thieves cuisines, and has taken to them with great gusto.

At first glance, this seems to be a quiet, sensible character, but do not be fooled! When engaged in a suitably interesting conversation (i.e one that does not involve test cricket), she can go on and on, talking continuously and nodding vigorously. She finds everything funny (even wildly inappropriate things) and spends her time laughing more than anything else.

When it comes to books, she has been known to hurl seventeen recommendations in the space of a twelve minute conversation. The speed with which she devours a book could scare a baby cheetah.

The Sindhu is mostly nocturnal, and has been known to eat bright and shiny morning people when they parade their brightness and shiny-ness around her any time before 11 a.m.  You have nothing to fear, though, book-talk can wake her up like nothing else can. Except maybe a foghorn.

Thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to feed the animals!

P.S. They like blueberry muffins.

 Thank you, Tanya! ^_^


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