Good Omens. <3

Yes, it deserves a sidey heart. That’s how good it is.

Neil Gaiman is funny.

Terry Pratchett is funny

Put them together and what to you get? Explosive giggles in inappropriate situations that leave you cringing but undeterred. Warning: Do not open this book unless you’re alone. Or prepare yourself for angry glares (not that you’ll care) through the day.

The characters are just adorable. The story is arresting. You’ll speed through it and then berate yourself for having gone so fast. Then you’ll sleep hugging the book. It might get dog-eared. And covered in lipstick marks if you wear lipstick.

To sum up:

An awesome village gang headed by the coolest Antichrist ever? Check

A nun of the chattering order” (Read the book! There’s an epic back-story.) who turns businessperson?

Fallen angel who owns a Bentley in which all music turns to Queen after a while, and who makes wearing sunglasses all the time actually seem cool? Check

Angel / rare book dealer who hates selling his books? Check

Apocalypse? Check

Read this book. And get ready for those stomach aches! And a world of fun. Enjoy.


A Spot of Bother — Mark Haddon

For all those of you who read The Curious Incident in the Night-tme and loved it, this book is nothing like it. It’s about a man who starts to develop dementia and his whole family. I liked his son a lot, and his daughter reminded me of myself.

It makes an impact on you, this book. It’s not phenomenal, but it gets you thinking. It teaches you the importance of communication, though I probably read it in because I’m an advocate of honest communication. It’s a decent read. A few bits are a little gruesome, though, so watch out.