Certified Plane-Read #2! 11th May

This is a highly belated and overdue award that goes to Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami!!! 

Those of you who haven’t tried Murakami, this is a good book to start with because it will definitely reel you in.

Those of you who already like Murakami, OhMyGOD buyit readit trustme. Ahhhhhhh! This was one of those books where I was left feverishly turning pages and  and was constantly tempted to turn to the last page to know what happens. A couple of times, I put the book down and panted like I had been running because I was overwhelmed.

It’s fast-paced and fascinating. As always, the story is a little outlandish and as always, it left me wondering: How does he THINK of these things? It’s perfect for them longish plane rides.

Congratulations, Mr Murakami, for this high honour. 😀



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