Introducing: Sindhu’s Certified Plane-Reads!

I happen to think plane rides are just about the most boring things ever, and I think any book that sufficiently keeps you company through one must have been written by an author of some talent.

Let me explain. Since I go to college 1881 km (I checked.) from my hometown, I travel a lot back and forth by plane. And I hate it. I hate travelling by planes in general and I hate travelling alone,

It’s close to impossible to entertain myself/ distract myself from the appalling-samples-of-humanity -that-fill-me-with-terror. I find that using my laptop in such a tiny space is too cumbersome  so I usually buy a book just before I leave that I assign for the plane ride. (I also carry another old favourite/ comfort-read in my bag just in case my assigned book disappoints!) And I carry earplugs. TRUST me. Always carry earplugs.My earplugs are a treasure. My earplugs are on that list of five things that I would save in a fire. They are also useful in any communal living situation, just so you know. Especially if you have noisy friends. Or friends who are -shudder- morning people. And the worst is that chirpy monstrosity that is a combination of the two. (Sorry. I still love you. You know who you are.) Earplugs. ❤ (Yes, they warrant a sidey heart, a high honour.).Ah, but I digress.

Speaking of high honours, I’ve decided to name and review books that I would certify as a worthy plane read. Fair warning, a lot of these are going to be gripping thriller-like books, rather than “literature”, though I would never presume to suggest that the two are mutually exclusive. This will happen every Saturday. So don’t forget to check out my blog every Saturday for books that are deserving of the highest honour in book circles, after the Booker Prize: The Plane-read Certificate! Woot.

Err. Sindhu would be me. I realised that hadn’t been previously clarified.



3 thoughts on “Introducing: Sindhu’s Certified Plane-Reads!

  1. To be honest I love travelling because it gives me the opportunity to sleep. I always have a book and I always think that I will read it but after about 15 minutes I’m away with the sleep fairies! It’s great – i can land and everything but stay asleep – sometimes I have a bit of a stiff neck!

    • Embarrassing confession alert! One of my very first times travelling, I was travelling with a close friend who reported that I had fallen asleep and then rested my head on her shoulder and attempted to put my hand into her pocket! Since then, I’ve been too terrified to fall asleep on a plane when I’m alone. I don’t want to subject a stranger to that!
      Besides, I’ve been on the same plane as a number of people who snore on planes and the idea of being one of them is incredibly embarrassing.
      So I try to stay awake at all costs. 🙂

      • Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if I snore and drool – very attractive! But, I’ve lost my embarrassing bone so I really just don’t care 😀 Plus I love sleeping!

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