This year has been appalling.

Image  << What I felt like doing to life after going through this year.

This has been one of the worst years of my life. Nothing went my way. In the beginning, I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t even study. And my grades reflect that beautifully. My grades reflect that in a way that hard work is never reflected in them!

I’m slowly getting back on track; I’m reading a lot, even if they’re slightly less heavy books than I’m used to, and I’m studying. In fact, I’m bang in the middle of my end semester exams right now! (Okay, so maybe I’m not studying as hard as I claim.) So here’s to hoping  I’m able to write again as well! Woo hoo! -Air punch!-

I’ve considered spicing things up a little bit,  so I’ll also upload pictures that I take along with, well, the general ramblings of my hodgepodgejellybrain.

<<Disclaimer>>: They’re depressingly amateur-looking and taken with a not-so-great camera. So don’t expect much! But yes. I shall be doing that. So there’s a plan. 🙂 I will get this blog back on track! Just watch me! Muahahahahahaha!



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