The Late Hector Kipling

This book is ridiculous. I mean, I zipped through it in 3 and a half hours-lickety split and now it’s proving impossible to simply write a review about it! What do you say about a book like this? That I hate how much I loved it?

It was a brilliantly written book, but terrifying. Terrifyingly real characters in a slightly surreal story.  Gripping, though. And he made me believe it. He made me believe it could well happen to me.  David Thewlis must have gone half-insane being Hector Kipling. Well, so did I.

It deals to a large extent with the theme of death. It revolves around death, you could say. You know you’ve encountered real talent when an author can depict death as three-dimensional and larger than life. It’s a tragic terrible experience but the author shows us the reality of how it isn’t just that, how it’s so much more. He shows us how illnesses and death affect “others”, the ones who aren’t affected but in reality are the most affected.

It scared me and creeped me out and made me want to shriek. What’s not to love?



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