To Want Music

I hate legal writing. Why does there have to be so much research? Why do there need to be FOOTNOTES? Why do I have to sound important and mature and not colloquial when I’m none of those things? WHY? I’ve gotten into this habit while writing essays of not writing them until the last minute, citing inspiration as an excuse. Of course, the only inspiration I really get closer to the deadline is the deadline itself. Yet, I cannot write until the deadline is close.

This works for college, of course, but I’m doing an internship and I have to make a presentation and give a long reference handout to all my presentees and I’ve made the presentation and done adequate research to begin the handout which has to be at least 10 pages long. And I cannot bring myself to go beyond the first three pages; probably because it’s only due Monday, a whole week from today.

However, this isn’t working. I have to sit at this desk for the next four and a half hours, the way I have been doing for the past two hours and do nothing except furtively hunt for websites that are deceptively plain and glean as much entertainment out of them as possible.

I’m just sitting here and wondering how to simultaneously fix this little procrastination problem as well as my boredom. I came across this post about music while writing and I have to admit, that’s worked for me in the past. ( have my iPod with me but I don’t know the etiquette of law firms and don’t know if it’s okay for an intern to plug in and cut out the world when I’m actually supposed to be jumping at the beck and call of the lawyers. Have you noticed how rules and etiquette and decorum and all those things often reduce productivity? I’m angry now. I want my music.

Four more hours… God help me.


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