The Third Twin

This book is by Ken Follett.

This is a genre of book that I generally despise, (You know, “gripping page turner thrillers) but it was recommended to me by a friend whose taste in books I trust. So I went and bought it And I genuinely loved it. It actually is gripping. -Gasp- I’ll have to start trusting the back cover review of books now!

When I was in school, the only chapter I liked in Biology was the one on Genetics, and that’s what this book is about.I can’t vouch that the Science in this book is genuine (And I can’t be arsed to truly check.) but it’s truly fascinating.

Plus, it has a super-cute, super-sweet law student as the protagonist which… helps.

Also, the female protagonist is a rebellious, independent and kinda awesome.

The story-line is pretty gripping, as stated earlier, although the climax is slower than I would have liked.

And the ending? It’s cute and sappy and happy. Which, once in a while, I’m a sucker for. </ShamefulConfession>

If you’re bored one day, read this. It’ll make you happy.


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