The Perks of Being A Wallflower

This book first interested me because it was featured on a list of the 10 most controversial books of all time. It was the only book on that list that I really felt was worth my time.

     I just googled it. It’s being made into a movie! With Emma Watson in it!

The book is written by Stephen Chbosky. And it’s brilliant. It deals with a lot of sensitive themes like sexual abuse, physical abuse, homosexuality, and he still makes it work.

I felt like the protagonist, Charlie was writing his letters to me. (Except his name isn’t really Charlie. He explains in a letter that he’s changing the names to protect his own identity and the identity of his friends and family.) He’s a shy misfit, who reads a lot, and he seems ordinary and dull, but he isn’t. He’s got a crush on an older girl, he gets into fights with his siblings, and he worries about his schoolwork, but there’s something so profound about his thoughts and revelations. The  crux of the story is in his psychological troubles, owing to a traumatic childhood experience that absolutely broke my heart. But there’s so much more to it.

Charlie is such an endearing character. He’s clever, a genius, really, but his total lack of awareness about this fact is beautiful. I can identify with him on some levels, which always adds to the pleasure while reading a book.

Please please read this book. Unless you’re not comfortable with the themes that I said it deals with. In which case, don’t read it.

Through the course of the book,  Charlie reviews books for his teacher, and I’m planning on reviewing all of those books on this website.So, this is the most important post on here.


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